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Swedish Supreme Court keeps AssangeTM in Little Ecuador

Leaker-in-chief's arrest warrant stands, for fear of flight

Sweden's Supreme Court has decided not to let Julian Assange discontinue his ongoing attempt to extend the world couch-surfing record.

The five-judge court yesterday released a decision (PDF) on Assange's application to have his arrest warrant quashed.

Assange's legal team argued that his ongoing residence in London's Ecuadorian embassy is a disproportionate response to the investigation into his alleged crimes.

But four of the five judges didn't buy that argument and instead worried that Assange may do a runner, and therefore never face justice, if the arrest warrant is lifted. The application to lift the warrant was therefore dismissed.

Assange's lawyers reckon they got a raw deal because the court ruled before they could make all of their arguments.

Sweden recently agreed to interview Assange in London, rather than force him to travel for a chat with investigators. Assange's people demanded the Swedes hand over lots of documents before any meeting.

Assange therefore remains on the couch, in Little Ecuador. Where he's been for nearly three years at a cost to the British taxpayer of £10 million and counting. ®

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