Dying to make time lapse videos? No? Well, Microsoft is doing it anyway!

Hyperlapse is here for Windows and Android

Microsoft has released a tool to let users produce timelapse videos, provided they're not Apple fanbois.

Redmond posted the Hyperlapse tool for Windows and Android devices to let users shrink long videos down to shorter timelapse version.

"Want to show your friends what you saw on that 12-mile hike you took last weekend or let them experience how it felt to fly down the mountain on your recent ski trip?" Microsoft asks customers.

"With Microsoft Hyperlapse, you can time lapse those experiences, distilling them into easily consumable, enjoyable experiences."

Users can install Hyperlpase mobile for Windows Phone and Android, Hyperlapse Pro Preview for Windows desktop and notebook systems, and Hyperlapse for Microsoft Azure on cloud instances.

Windows Phone users will need to be running Windows Phone 8.1 on an HTC One M8 or Lumia 435 handset or later. Android users will have to be running Android 4.4 KitKat or later models. The app is free, but comes without official support from Microsoft.

Microsoft is far from the first company to enter this space. Time lapse apps have been around for years, though none with the sizeable developer backing offered by the Redmond giant.

Currently, the Hyperlapse App is only available for Windows and Android, though if you ponied up to Apple you already had a time lapse function when you installed iOS 8, so pay no mind. ®

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