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Election? Pah. Here's the REAL question: Who’s the SEXIEST MP?

Rate-my-Member website went flaccid in runup to polls

Forget the tribal allegiances of politics, the truth is the UK's Members of Parliament can't stop checking each other out, with being one of the most popular sites accessed on the Parliamentary Network.

For those unfamiliar with it, the site presents two photos and asks the user "Which MP would you rather have sex with? Choose one". And another two, and another two, and so on.

It then collates and aggregates the results to find the sexiest MP.

Currently, the owner of that prestigious title is Owen Paterson, Conservative member for North Shropshire. His legion of admirers will be pleased to hear he has retained his seat.

Least sexy lawmaker is Angus Robertson, Scottish National Party MP for Moray, who despite his seemingly unappealing appearance also retained his seat (and is beautiful on the inside).

In February the site received 7,472 page views, down from 18,220 views in June.

The stats include access to the network from MPs, Members of the House of Lords, their staff and staff of the House Administrations.

It includes all sites accessed via ‘non-public’ computers on the Parliamentary estate.

However, with a new batch of MPs to score for hotness, it looks like the site could expect a spike in traffic once Parliament resumes. ®

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