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HTTP/2 is now utterly officially official

RFC published and there's no going back from that without getting out the engraving gear

HTTP/2 was signed off back in February, but the spec took its final step towards becoming a standard on Thursday US time with the publication of rfc7540.

RFCs - request for comments - are counterintuitively named because as the Internet Engineering Task Force explains, “Once an RFC is published, it is never revised. If the specification it describes changes, the standard will be re-published in another RFC that "obsoletes" the first.”

HTTP appearing at (the second link in this story) therefore means the definitive version of the standard has now been chiselled into stone and set down before the people to gaze upon in awe and obedient wonder.

Now that the spec is utterly, officially official, web server upgrades beckon. Internet Information Server is already compliant. Apache has planned an add-on and nginix has pledged to get it working by the end of 2015. ®

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