Apple HomeKit: DELAYED until JUNE, mumble Cupertino spinners

Overpriced blah-ware may not whisper to toasters for months

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Apple's HomeKit domestic automation reveal has been pushed back after sources whispered that the fruitchomp firm's Internet of Stuff software framework was experiencing delays - while Apple PR insists it's on track for June.

Apple was widely expected to launch its HomeKit devices in May or June this year (i.e. now), but delays are pushing back the debut until August or September.

HomeKit is Apple's proprietary thing for the Internet of Things. More specifically, it is a software framework on iOS8 which will allow the worst of tech's tossers to integrate their Bitcoin-mining toasters with an Apple TV.

That is, of course, with the proviso that legions of devs sign up for Apple's developer program: products will need to meet the fruity folk's "security standards" for integration on the proprietary framework, which, typically for Apple, will mean smaller "partners" will be sacrificing control for a modicum of financial return.

Problems with the launch have been revealed by Fortune, which cited "sources involved in the program" who claimed that that the launch date for some devices has been moved back.

Not only does Fortune's news not necessarily contradict the expected launch date for the first devices but "to be clear," admits the business magazine, "Apple has never announced a launch date for HomeKit, but partners had said [...] to expect something in spring."

An Apple response to Fortune's "scoop", presumably formulated by topflight PRs, scrambled to deal with Fortune's danger zone exposé, includes a statement from Apple spokesperson Trudy Muller who says that "Dozens of partners [...] have committed to bringing HomeKit accessories to market and we're looking forward to the first ones coming next month."

Bullish as Apple may be about the non-existence of launch setbacks, Fortune's Stacey Higginbotham says she'll be waiting to see how the first wave of HomeKit products matches up with the original list of partners announced in June 2014.

The Register has contacted Apple for comment and will update as and when we get a reply. ®


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