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Candy Crush Saga to come bundled with Redmond's new OS

Microsoft has announced that Candy Crush Saga will be bundled with Windows 10.

Redmond has revealed a deal with the game's developer, King, to bring the mega-hit to its new operating system. Other King games will also appear on the platform.

That's good news for King, which is finding it hard to satisfy investors.

It's bad news for the rest of us, because the game is notoriously addictive. Exhibit A for CCS addiction is UK MP Nigel Mills , who landed in trouble for playing the game during a Parliamentary committee meeting.

On the upside, Toby Walsh, a professor at the University of New South Wales and research group leader at National ICT Australia's Optimisation Research Group, says the game is addictive because it is very hard. His paper, Candy Crush is NP-hard, and dumbed-down summary in The Conversation explains that the game presents a “Non-deterministic Polynomial-time” problem “that computer scientists believe are on the boundary between hard and easy.”

“If we had an efficient way to play Candy Crush, the we would have an efficient way to route trucks, roster staff or schedule classes,” he wrote.

“So, next time you fail to solve a Candy Crush board in the given number of swaps, you can console yourself with the knowledge that it was a mathematically hard problem to solve. Just as hard, in fact, as the staff rostering problem your boss actually wanted you to solve instead of playing Candy Crush.”

Walsh concludes by wondering if all the hours spent playing CCS might turn out to have some useful, real-world result. When the boss springs you immersed in the game on your new Windows 10 machine, try that line and tell us how it goes! ®

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