KFC's new secret ingredient is a bluetooth keyboard on your tray

German outlets put finger-clicking good kit under meals, claims brand heath benefits

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KFC Germany has salted its meal trays with a thin, flexible, Bluetooth keyboard.

The “KFC Type Tray” has been used as a giveaway in new KFC stores. Punters can take 'em home and use the thin, rechargeable keyboards for whatever they fancy.

The chicken chain's cunning plan, however, is that folks who wander into their neighbourhood's new source of salt, grease, protein and eleven herbs and spices will be so chuffed by the keyboard that they'll go nuts on social media.

The video below suggests that plan worked and that KFConnoisseurs like the keyboard because they balk at smearing grease on their smartmobes but don't mind sullying a tray.

If you're visiting Germany in the near future, don't bother dropping into a KFC in the hope of obtaining your very own Type Tray: they've all found good homes. Yours will therefore have to make do without KFC branding, and residual grease. ®

KFC - Tray Typer from This is for the jury on Vimeo.

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