Twitter CRAWLS to Google ON ITS KNEES, starts blowing content

Receives fat pipe of huge ad platform once again

Twitter has crawled to Google to get Tweets displayed in the ad giant's search results once again. The micro-blabbing site previously had a deal with Mountain View to provide feeds of tweets directly within its search results.

However, that two-year-long agreement ended in July 2011. Now, four years later, it's a different story as Twitter attempts to bump up sales from its ad-smeared service.

The Dick Costolo-led outfit has also failed to grow its userbase in recent quarters. So a tie-in with Google makes sense, as the search deal could help to drive more clicks to Twitter.

Both companies penned blog posts on Tuesday confirming that they had kissed and made up.

Initially, Twitter's firehose has been switched on for Google's US mobile users (iOS and Android) who seek English search results. A desktop web version is expected to follow soon, though there was no mention of when this would be available.

Twitter added that the feature will be rolled out to more nations in the "coming months" – without offering up specifics.

Google boasted that Twitter users could now "reach a global audience at the most relevant moments". ®

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