Belgian telco prepares to tear out last of nation's phone boxes

Shares in public toilet firms reportedly on the rise

Proximus, the Belgian mobile operator, is about to complete the process of removing its last 300 phone boxes. The last will be ceremonially felled on June 1 in Antwerp.

As part of the removal of the phone boxes, thirty of them were put up as prizes in a competition which took the form of a cultural project. (link via Google Translate)

Winners got a box of their very own to use for the wider good and Proximus got rid of thirty of the things. The competition is now closed but winners have not yet been announced.

Entrants who took part were able to enter in three categories: participants design a work of art using a telephone booth; participants submit a project with regard to archiving, conserving and exhibiting a telephone booth, and participants submit a project on how to use a telephone booth in a new or different way.

Presumably the last category would dismiss, as having been done before, travelling in time and space or changing into a superhero costume.

At its peak Proximus had 18,000 phoneboxes.

You can see some prime examples of Belgian coin and card swallowers in the payphones of the world section of the revered hackers' magazine 2600.

For those in love with the British phone box it’s possible to adopt or buy one.

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