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Is your career lacking growth? Become a porn inspector! Hint: It sucks

Can you beat off the stiff competition? Have you got what it takes? Find out

As Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart famously said about pornography: "I know it when I see it." What he may not have envisioned was that 50 years later, people would make a living from doing just that.

China maintains a pretty stiff censorship regime through its Great Wall of China. But far from using just algorithms to decide which websites and pages are and are not allowed to get through to its citizens, it relies on its most abundant resource: humans. There are literally thousands of people whose sole job it is to scour and flag anything that is impolitic for the body politic.

But among those thousands of censors is an elite group of approximately 50 who have the really hard job of hunting for pornography. And thanks to job adverts and now an infographic from the Global Times in China, we now know something of their keen talents.

The big question, though, is: to what lengths must porn identification officers go? Can you handle what it takes?

For example, are you willing to start at the bottom and trouser about $500 a month (2,000-4,000 yuan) for ogling suspiciously sexy images and decide which are pornographic? We see quite a few hands up there.

If you are worried about the low income, you may wish to know that if you focus and become a thrusting mandarin, you could work your way up to "chief pornographic identification officer" and make $33,000 a year.

Next up: are you single? Ah, OK, that's most of you. Sorry, you have to be married for this one. Out you go.

Are you computer literate? Yes? Good. Easily irritated? OK, sorry, again we're looking for people who are not easily irritated.

Are you able to tell the difference between a semi-naked woman on a beach and a semi-naked woman on, say, a couch? OK, good.

Are you prepared to finger the "delete" button on images of genitalia or breasts? Bear in mind you will need to go through tens of thousands of images a day so that means no lingering. It's delete and move on to the next load. There's no palming the job onto someone else.

I see we are slowly losing people.

Are you familiar with the different pornographic content labeling systems across the world? Are you able to go through the pros and cons of each? And no bluffing, they'll know. You need to be a smut policy connoisseur.

OK, and finally, do you speak Chinese and Japanese, and would you be willing to relocate to Beijing?

You see? Jobs are never as good as you imagine they'll be. ®

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