Post-pub nosh neckfiller: Bog-standard boxty

Looking for a husband? This Irish no-frills spud-based stodge can help

A couple of observations

If you haven't got a stocking handy (the best way to strain the grated spud by far), then a tea towel will do. The boxty seen above is around 1.5cm thick – any thicker and you risk it not cooking through, we found.

An alternative is to make the mix a little runnier, by adding a splash more milk, and frying a thin "omelette", which can then be used as a wrap – for bacon, naturally.

Whatever boxty path you choose to tread, plenty of butter on top is pretty well obligatory, as demonstrated here by Katarina sporting a 100 per cent authentic California-Irish t-shirt:

Katarina presents the finished boxty

A view of sliced boxty with melted butter

Delicious. Potato lovers might also like to check out our previous tuber-based post-pub offerings rumbledethumps, tortilla de patatas, sag aloo and bryndzové halušky, which prove there's more than one way to skin a spud. ®


*The poor girl's already learned that dad intends to take full control of this process. When she recently expressed admiration for one local lad, I immediately offered to mediate in the process, assuming his family had an adequate number of donkeys by way of dowry. Otherwise, I told her, I'd be in a rocking chair on the porch, shotgun on lap, to repel unworthy suitors whose parents were unable to provide this perfectly reasonable asinine consideration.

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