Your CAR is the 'ultimate mobile device', reckons Apple COO

Vorsprung durch Tim Cook? No surprise to biz which claims fruity firm poached its staff

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Apple has admitted to eyeing up the automotive market, with chief operations man Jeff Williams describing cars as "the ultimate mobile device".

Responding to a question about industries the mega cash-rich company is looking at, Williams told the Code Conference 2015: “The car is the ultimate mobile device,” adding, “We’re exploring a lot of different markets.”

It follows reports in February that the fruity firm has been recruiting experts from the automotive industry for a top-secret project.

Rumours of the firm's not-so-secret recruitment of engineers to take on Elon Musk's electric car company Tesla have been around for some time.

Battery manufacturer A123 Systems and Apple are close to finalising a settlement over the battery-maker's accusation that Cupertino poached its engineers.

Since June 2014, Apple has "embarked on an aggressive campaign to poach employees of A123 and to otherwise raid A123's business", the battery-maker has alleged.

Apple boss Tim Cook claimed that Cupertino's Watch will replace car keys.

Williams also said the Apple Watch had been "fantastic", but remained tight-lipped about how many holy time-bangles it had shifted. ®


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