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NetApp name-changes SteelStore to AltaVault

Physical and virtual cloud backup system gets a visit from the marketing droids

NetApp's marketing droids have renamed its acquired SteelStore product AltaVault, showing obeisance at the high altar of cloud storage.

The Sunnyvale company bought SteelStore from Riverbed for $80m in October last year, before it was gobbled up by private equity. The product provided cloud back-up gateway functionality with a set of appliances.

The name brings back faint memories of the AltaVista search engine, but we won’t go there.

AltaVault functionality comes in both physical and virtual appliance forms, with both vSphere and Hyper-V supported as well as instances in AWS and Azure. Supported capacities range from 8TB to 57PB and back-up data is deduped and compressed before being squirted up to the cloud.

NetApp claims a data reduction rate of up to 30:1, but your mileage may vary.


NetApp AltaVault over-view

On the basis of on-premises caching capability, NetApp also claims AltaVault appliances are more than “six times more scalable than those of any other competitor in the cloud-integrated storage market”.

Data sources for AltaVault include NetApp’s SnapProtect software and back-up software of a customer’s choosing.

This includes Veeam, which backs up apps and data in vSphere environments and integrates with ONTAP arrays. The net result is a CIFS-based back-up repository for locally-created Veeam back-ups, which are synced to the cloud repository.


Veeam integration with AltaVault

AltaVault can send back-up data “to all leading public and private cloud storage providers”, encrypting it en route.

NetApp is putting AltaVault in its data fabric notion, which worships the cloud, where NetApp ONTAP provides a seamless private/public/hybrid cloud data management facility. Phil Brotherton, VP of its Cloud Solutions Group, provides a requisite canned remark: “Data lifecycle solutions like AltaVault are key elements of NetApp’s vision for a data fabric, which gives customers the confidence that no matter where their data lives, they can control, integrate, move, secure and consistently manage it.”

It is providing services to help customers build AltaVault into their data protection plans.

Check out an AltaVault PDF doc here to find out more.

AltaVault AVA400 physical appliances and AVA-8, AVA-16, and AVA-32 virtual appliances on ESX and Hyper-V are available from NetApp and its resellers. AltaVault cloud-based appliances can be bought on the AWS marketplace, with Azure marketplace availability later this year. AVA800 physical appliances are planned to be available in the third quarter. ®


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