BRAIN STORM: Nine mislaid cerebra found near railway line in New York

Should have used the brain depository

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Cops were called in to solve the mystery of nine abandoned BRAINS found near a railway line in New York last week.

Clover Forsythe, resident, posted a picture on Facebook. He wrote:

"And what are these you might ask? They appear to be brains. Small, the size of an apple. Laying on the side of the road by Beckwith St in Gouverneur. 9 of them to be exact.

"Not sure that I wanna know from what type of animal they came from. The police took one to be checked out. If anyone finds something very strange like this, please call the police dept."

The organs are believed to be from dogs or sheep. A local veterinarian determined one of the brains had been professionally removed and preserved in formaldehyde, reported NBC.

This is not the first time a number of brains have gone astray.

In December the University of Texas discovered it was missing 60 jars of brains.

It had attributed the missing cranial matter to a decade's worth of elaborate student "beer trophy" theft. In fact environmental workers had disposed of the grey matter. ®


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