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Docker death blow to PaaS? The fat lady isn’t singing just yet folks

Could they work together? Yeah, why not

Could Docker eventually kill off PaaS?

It seems clear that it would be unfair and unwise to rank the usage of Docker over PaaS (or vice versa) per se; the two are closely related but not mutually exclusive. In very basic terms, if you use Docker, you should be using PaaS too.

We now need the maturity to realise that we have become more comfortable with the cloud computing model and therefore happier to tinker with its internal combustion engine.

We want to be able to take an infinite variety of software application types and architectural constructs to the cloud without having to just ship them out to some preconfigured notion of what the whole platform part of the stack should represent. Doing this simply results in some apps that don’t really work anyway.

Just as in cars as in cloud. Sometimes you need a surprisingly spacious family saloon and sometimes you want something for F1 — short on space but precision engineered, that’s streamlined for speed and takes different tiers according to the weather.

Obviously this analogy puts PaaS in the sensible car category for simpler application deployments and Docker in the Formula 1 category for more complex manoeuvres.

However, both require mechanics at some point — it’s just that we will call it orchestration controls. ®

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