OK Google, how much of my life do you observe and disturb?

Choc Factory: Don't be in the dark, dear netizen – use our privacy tool. LOL

Google would like netizens to believe that the vast multinational has bolstered "privacy" controls on its services today. But you'd be wrong to swallow that line.

In fact, no changes have been made to the company's data-slurping and scraping policies.

Instead – in a move reflecting Facebook's somewhat disingenuous claims to be more transparent with its users about how it handles their data – Google has created a tool that it boldly stated puts you in control.

The result is a PR exercise in presentation. Or, as the Chocolate Factory preferred to spin it:

We’re rolling out two significant improvements to our privacy and security tools: a new hub for managing your Google settings called My Account, and a new site that answers important questions about privacy and security on Google.

Significantly, the tool also brings the management of Google settings for various services such as Gmail and YouTube under one roof, which simply builds on the firm's strategy to more closely follow its users around the web.

Because with Google, you'll never grow old and you'll never die. ®

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