SanDisk speeds up CloudSpeed Eco, raises capacity

Endurance still an issue though

SanDisk has souped up its CloudSpeed Eco SSD for cloud service providers, doubling its capacity and raising throughput, courtesy of a process shrink.

CloudSpeed Eco Gen 1 was introduced at the end of March last year as a cost-effective SSD for cloud service provider use. It was built using a 19nm chip process and held up to 960GB of data.


Gen 2 moves to a 15nm process and holds up to 2TB. A feeds and speeds comparison table is instructive:


CloudSpeed Eco Gens 1 and 2 speeds and feeds

The random write speed has dropped from 15,000 to 13,000 IOPS but sequential reading jumps from 450MB/sec to 530MB/sec and sequential writing increases from 400MB/sec to 450MB/sec — pretty useful jumps.

The endurance is, on the face of it, less good, changing from one full drive write per day (DWPD) to 0.3DWPD (as measured with a JEDEC workload).

As there are three other CloudSpeed variants; Extreme, Ultra and Ascend still using the 19nm process, and with max capacities of 800-960GB, we can expect them to be similarly refreshed. Their capacities will probably head up to 2TB as well, and we can hope for equivalent throughput boosts.

The Gen 2 CloudSpeed Eco drive has a five-year limited warranty and 1.5 million hour MTBF rating. It will be available through SanDisk ODMs (Original Design Manufacturing partners) and select Enterprise Channel Partners later this year. ®

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