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Dell slips ring on distie Tech Data

European vows extended to Blighty

Tech Data and its commercial siblings are now fully tooled up with Dell kit and software, and are looking to get handy.

The pair kicked off an inaugural distie deal in Britain last month that covered PCs - and a full blown agreement for servers and storage at Tech Data subsidiary Azlan is now also live.

The tie-up between the duo was heavily tipped by our sources months ago. Maybe HP’s disapproval of Dell jumping into bed with one of its nearest and dearest took some time to work through.

Azlan already carried Dell’s security and thin client kit via the Dell SonicWALL and Dell Wyse brands, distributing those products even before they were acquired by Dell.

The distributor, nestled in deepest Basingstoke - arguably the tech playboy capital of Surrey - reckons it has invested in a team of internal specialists including pre-, post- and field sales.

Enterprise wing Azlan has also employed a lead generation team and is appointed as a Dell Configuration Centre.

“From day one we will be the best equipped distribution partner for Dell enterprises,” claimed Rob Tomlin, self-licking enterprise director at Tech Data Azlan.

Clearly, rival Dell disties Ingram Micro, Hammer and Micro P Exertis would disagree with the relative new kid on the block. ®

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