NoSQL champ MongoDB plugs into SQL analytics power

A ‘huge new realm of possibilities’, apparently

NoSQL database maker MongoDB is tapping the power of business intelligence and data visualisation, working on a connector for SQL-compliant data analysis tools which it promises would work with giants such as IBM Cognos Business Intelligence, plus tools from Qlik and Tableau Software.

As a NoSQL database, MongoDB had been pitched firmly in the camp of Young Turks, who were pitted against relational and seen as the new future of data.

That future has been recalibrated, however, as actual customers remained wedded to relational and SQL, meaning NoSQL databases had to work with them.

MongoDB’s SQL bridge has been developed with Tableau Software, working with joint customers on features and performance. Tableau is a data analysis and presentation firm founded in 2003, which in 2013 cashed in on the industry’s fascination with data by going public with an IPO.

Tableau made $130.1m revenue in its latest, first, quarter – an increase of 75 per cent. The firm delivers desktop, server and online versions of its software it claims lets you analyse and visualize data in dashboards fast and that you can share.

A connector to SQL analysis and BI tools is a big deal for MongoDB. Until now, if you’ve used SQL-based tools and wanted to combine these with MongoDB, you had to move data held in MongoDB into a relational database first.

MongoDB co-founder and chief technology officer Eliot Horowitz said in a statement that users could now capitalise on a rich ecosystem of SQL-based analysis and visualisation tools.

He claimed the connector “opens up a huge new realm of possibilities for everyone from executives to business analysts to data scientist to line of business staff”.

The connector is scheduled for the fourth quarter of this year. ®

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