Waiting for the new Apple TV? No? Good, because it's not coming any time soon

Thing that was never announced won't be announced for a bit longer

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Next week's Apple Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) will not include the release of a new Apple TV.

The New York Times cites people briefed on the to report the Cupertino giant has scratched the set-top box from its list of products to showcase in CEO Tim Cook's opening keynote.

The report suggests that Cook and Co. will delay the release of the set-top box because the product is not yet ready for release. No date was given on when the new Apple TV would possibly see the light of day.

While just rumors, the reports coincide with previous reports that point to Apple also putting new streaming services on the back-burner and showcasing other products, such as the new versions of OS X and iOS.

A new Apple TV has been a recurring rumor for each Apple event. Pundits have suggested Cook and Co. are in talks with a number of US television networks on deals to offer programming through Apple TV and iTunes.

Initially dismissed by then-CEO Steve Jobs as a "hobby", Apple now insists that the Apple TV is a valuable part of its lineup. Last year, Cook said the box was a billion dollar market for Apple.

Lucrative as it may be, Apple TV is far from the top earner for the house that Steve built. In its last fiscal quarter, Apple reported $58bn in total revenues, $40.2bn of that coming from the iPhone product line.

Apple's "other products" category, a catch-all category that includes the Apple TV and Beats Electronics, brought in just $1.6bn of revenues on the quarter, down 10 per cent from last year. ®


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