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Ruskies behind German govt cyber attack — report

Source code gives the game away, Comrades

Russia is the chief suspect in the recent hack of the Bundestag, according to esteemed German mag Der Spiegel.

Officials within the German government are still refusing to publicly point the finger, but sources close to the Bundestag’s tech department have told El Reg that all indications point to a state-sponsored attack.

Sophisticated Trojan malware penetrated the entire Bundestag network and slurped data from even lawmakers' computers — all 20,000 accounts are thought to be vulnerable.

Der Spiegel said techies had finally managed to read parts of the source code and now suspect that the Kremlin is behind the infiltration. The malware apparently closely resembles that used in a 2014 attack on a German data network.

Network access at the Bundestag is slowly returning to normal according to staff.

In January, a pro-Russian hacker group in Ukraine claimed responsibility for a cyberattack that paralysed the Bundestag and German Chancellery for several hours. ®

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