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Spaniard sues eBay over right to sell the Sun

Tat bazaar unimpressed with solar punt

A Spanish woman has filed a lawsuit against eBay for the right to sell the Sun, El Mundo reports.

Galician star-vendor Ángeles Durán is claiming €10,000 from the world's favourite tat bazaar after it blocked her attempts to offload bits of our solar system's nuclear furnace on eBay's Spanish and Italian tentacles.

According to Durán, eBay blocked the punt on the grounds that the Sun "is not tangible and can't be sold." She insisted: "It is a real product."

Accordingly, Durán has taken the matter to a court in Alcobendas, Madrid, where the case will get a first shufti on 17 June.

In case you're wondering what claim exactly Durán has on the Sun, she previously planted her flag on the celestial body in 2010, when she obtained a document from a notary stating she was indeed "owner of the Sun, type G2 star, which lies at the centre of the solar system, at an average distance from the Earth of 149,600,000 kilometres."

Durán has also attempted to register "Tarzan's call", El Mundo notes, but that got short shrift from Spanish intellectual property outfit SGAE.

In a much-needed cuddly puppy moment amid all this solar madness, Durán reckons all of the proceeds from her Sun sales are destined to "a child with mobility difficulties and other charitable ends."

The court will decide, but whatever the outcome, Durán hopes the case will "open the door" to other vendors to take issue in their local courts with eBay, which is based in decidedly unsunny Luxembourg. ®

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