Microsoft makes Skype beach body ready with web browser beta release

Joy of joys! Stay in touch with relatives from your hotel

Microsoft has released a beta web browser version of Skype in the US and UK, which will apparently be rolled out worldwide within the next few weeks.

The software giant said Skype for Web could be used by existing State-side and Blighty customers who can now connect to the service via

It means that Skype calls can be made without on-the-move users having to download the app onto their devices first.

Microsoft, with an eye fixed clearly on the summer holiday season, said in a blog post:

Skype for Web is perfect if you normally use Skype on your mobile, but want to quickly get to your calls and IMs on a bigger screen.

Or perhaps you’re sitting at a Windows or Mac computer in an internet café or hotel that doesn’t already have Skype downloaded.

There is a caveat: the desktop browser version – which runs on Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Firefox – needs a plug-in installed before the first call can be made. ®

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