iiNet probes WestNet breach

Web scum sell database online, bods claim

Australian telco iiNet is investigating reports criminals are selling trying to flog online 30,000 customer records swiped from subsidiary Westnet.

The breach was reported on Twitter after a security news tweeting service found a user attempting to sell what they said was Westnet's database on an unspecified website.

At this stage, the claim can't be verified, but iiNet is now contacting 30,827 customers in case they're affected.

CIO Matthew Toohey says the telco is probing the possible Westnet breach noting it appears to affect "old" data.

“iiNet is aware of an incident that may have resulted in unauthorised access to old customer information stored on a legacy Westnet system," Toohey told El Reg.

"The incident has been reported to relevant law enforcement agencies and is currently under investigation.

"Customer username, address, telephone and, in some cases, password information may have been accessed, however, no payment details were stored on the server."

Toohey says the server has been taken offline and the telco is monitoring impacted accounts.

The Register notes the hubris that accompanied the "data for sale" Tweet. Even before its acquisition by iiNet, Westnet - a local Western Australia operator slurped by the iiNet acquisition-machine in 2008 - didn't rate as "biggest" anything. ®

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