Has marketing grabbed the IT reins at your company?

Tell us how you're navigating the omni-channel

CIO Manifesto IT execs face many threats, but perhaps their biggest nightmare is the prospect of IT strategy being driven by the whims of the marketing department.

Yet aligning technology and the...softer business disciplines, could be the key to survival in a world where customers, and suppliers, expect to be hooked into your company as easily as they are into their social media platform of choice.

That’s why on the June 17 The Register roundtable will be asking: How does IT need to change to survive in a multi-channel world?

For some tech managers, social is an alien world largely beyond their control, generating piles of hard to interrogate data that needs to be integrated with existing businesses systems. That’s even before you consider that business units will go it alone, raising the fear of impossible to manage shadow IT.

This has to be secured, and someone needs to ensure employees’ social communications are not dragging the company into the compliance mire. On the other hand, this means technology needs to be agile, fast, responsive and massively delivery focussed.

But this also means smart CIOs and other tech managers have the opportunity to not just follow company strategy but drive it, particularly if they have development nous and a focus beyond infrastructure.

So whether you’re dealing with these headaches or want to hear from people who are, you should really be joining us.

We’ll be meeting at a central London Hotel on June 17th at 3pm. The formal discussion will last 90 minutes, and then we’d like you to join us to continue the conversation informally over fine wine and cocktails. The whole event will be conducted under the Chatham House Rule.

We’ll be keeping the numbers down to no more than 12, but please register your interest below and we'll be in touch to let you know if you've secured a place. If you don’t make the list for this event, don’t worry, we’ll make sure you’re on the list for future events. To register, click here. ®

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