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VMware unleashes Linux on the (virtual) desktop

Hey, boss, there's no reason to keep your penguinistas caged! Or pay Microsoft

VMware's released Horizon 6 for Linux, thereby making it possible to deliver virtual Linux desktops.

And there the story ends because, as we all know, there's so much Linux on the desktop that it occasionally manages to get a whole 1.91 per cent of the market and desktop virtualisation is generally figured to be about five to ten per cent of the market. Which means perhaps one in a thousand of you will actually care about this.

But I can't go now, because then we wouldn't have written enough to justify publishing an ad just there to the right.

And as it happens, VMware reckons delivering virtual Linux desktops could be just the thing to make penguin-powered PCs more common.

“VMware Horizon 6 for Linux opens up a whole new world of possibilities for VDI including higher education engineering classes, offshore development, high-end 3D workstations, and customers looking to replace Windows desktops outright,” Virtzilla gushes. If you chose to go down this road and buy thin clients, the company adds, you might save 60 per cent of operational and capital costs.

Dare we mention just how the average user will react to Ubuntu, Red Hat Enterprise Linux or CentOS, the supported Linuxes under Horizon 6? Perhaps best to leave that to the comments, after donning a flame-retarding suit and pointing out that Citrix has similar plans in the works. ®

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