Google shares optical layer SDN with its friends

Drops new models into OpenConfig

Google's getting more cozy with the world of SDN, opening up some of its network configuration models to give things a kick along.

LightReading reports that Chocolate Factory network architect Bikash Koley wants more SDN adoption at the transport layer. To that end, the company has shared its multivendor optical terminal configuration model to the OpenConfig project.

Koley told a telecom event in Chicago that the optical models will be followed up with other configuration models within a month.

To get the transport layer to look ore SDN-like, Koley said, topology configuration has to be vendor neutral, so that ops bods can push “a centralised declarative configuration” into the element management systems provided by vendors.

He also highlighted network state visibility as a key requirement to help SDN-ify the transport layer.

OpenConfig's participants read like a list of the biggest of the big. As well as Google, there's Apple, Microsoft, Facebook and Yahoo!, along with carrier members AT&T, BT, Comcast, Verizon, Level3 and Cox Communications.

The project uses Yang for its data modelling, with some of its models published at GitHub. The Google models aren't open sourced yet – they're only available for OpenConfig members to use.

Other recent work at OpenConfig includes new BGP and routing policy models that went live on June 5 on the project's public repository. ®

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