Ex-Microsoftie in worthless Euro netizens data security promise

Pesky yanks at your cloudy info? No way

An ex-Microsoftie has launched a new cloudy startup that promises to keep the data of Europeans "safe" by storing it only within the EU.

But that pledge is utterly worthless, given that – for example – NSA chums are still likely to come calling for access to that data from their security counterparts in the 28-member-state bloc.

Redmond's one-time president of MSNBC.com James Kinsella co-founded Zettabox, which "proudly" bigs up its European roots and hopes to rival US services such as Dropbox and Google.

He claimed in a statement publicising the new service:

With Zettabox your content is safe from cybercriminals and foreign government intervention. Your data belongs to you, and you maintain all rights to data stored.

The outfit, based in London and Prague, said it complied with the latest EU data regulation guidance and claimed to "guarantee" a right to be forgotten online option "in two clicks of a mouse".

Businesses interested in the proposition can sign up for a free, 30-day trial. Zettabox added that it would "beat the price companies currently are paying for competitive products".

It added that customers would be able to choose to store their data in eight different European cities.

Privacy worrywarts, then, may prefer Zettabox to store their data in Germany rather than the UK.

However, Hamburg – which is arguably Europe's toughest data protection authority – is not one of the cities on the list. You'll have to instead make do with Berlin or Frankfurt for now. ®

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