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Huawei humps up its DS8000 heavyweight array range

Doubles performance, nearly quadruples capacity

Chinese IT conglomerate Huawei has added a third generation to its VMAX/DS8000-class 18000 series arrays.

The V2 18000 arrays topped the SPC-1 lists for hybrid arrays, delivering more than a million SPC-1 IOPS. They have from 2 to 16 controllers, up to 99.9999 per cent availability, and range up to 7PB of capacity.

Huawei says its new systems have the same number of controllers and availability but feature:

  • A twofold computing performance increase delivering up to three million IOPS
  • Maximum capacity boosted almost fourfold, from 7PB to 27.6PB
  • 95 per cent boost in disk reconstruction speed
  • Sub-millisecond data access latency
  • Flash memory tech usage
  • Automated storage media identification
  • Configuration optimisation algorithms
  • Gateway-free active-active DR

Huawei’s v2 18000 array to give a rough idea of what new boxes look like

Huawei has risen the Intel CPU and disk/SSD capacity curves to uprate these arrays.

Wre think it's likely that were main sales will be in China and the Asia-Pacitic region.

Details were sparse when they were unveiled at its Huawei Cloud Congress Europe 2015, held June 10-11 in Munich, Germany. No doubt fuller details will appear on Huawei’s main storage web pages; they are not there yet, as the V2 system information is still extant. ®

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