Limited edition Iron Man S6 sells for $91,000 thanks to ... serial number

Unknown Chinese bidder snags phone for 100 times retail price

A limited edition Iron Man-themed Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has been bought for $91,000 by an anonymous bidder in China.

Android Authority reported the piece fetched such a high price due to its serial number of 66 — six being a lucky number in China, and 66 therefore being double lucky.

The device went for almost 100 times its retail value, ignoring the Iron Man colourway, which is part of a promotional campaign for the new Avengers film.

While the themed phones were expected to be limited to Korea originally, the extension of the sale to China does provoke suspicions that the promotional devices may be flogged elsewhere around the world too.

While The Register's review of the S6 was largely positive, none of our office folk reckoned they'd buy one for $91,000.

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A previous sale of a device, which was identical to this one in all but serial number, went for $35,600.

The $91,000 handset was flogged on, one of China's largest online retailers. Android Authority report it received a total of 92,429 bids. ®

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