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Unlucky, Palmer: Facebook's going to BAN Oculus pr0n apps

Virtual muck now struck from smut bucket content glut despite Luckey's pluck

Facebook has contradicted a statement by Oculus founder Palmer Luckey and declared that pornographic content will be forbidden from appearing on the Oculus store.

Speaking at Silicon Valley's Virtual Reality Conference in San Jose, in May, 22-year old Oculus founder Palmer Luckey was asked whether his company would be blocking adult content on its headsets.

Luckey said the company will allow pornography on its VR buckets because Oculus is committed to creating an open platform.

However, Business Insider reported the new details about the Rift that were released on Thursday, which appears to contradict this.

The report suggests that Oculus will run its own app store similar to Apple's app store, which is the only means of getting mobile apps onto iOS devices.

Oculus would therefore not be an open platform, and Facebook has said it would use its control to "vet the apps that appear in its store, and even rate the apps" according to the report.

However, virtual reality sex games will not be a part of that.

"Oculus only distributes developer content that meets its terms of service, which forbids pornographic content from being a part of the Oculus Store," a spokesman told Business Insider.

Business Insider then asked, whether in Oculus' efforts to produce a family-friendly headbucket, it would also be banning violent content too.

"Oculus only distributes developer content that meets their terms of service, but it isn't open to discuss what those terms are at this time," came the exceedingly American reply.

The digi-goggles will ship to customers in 2016. ®

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