Cortana threatens to blow away ESC key

Toshiba's Windows 10 PCs machines to get top-left key for digital assistant

Toshiba USA has revealed that it will add a key dedicated to summoning Cortana, Windows 10's digital assistant.

Toshiba's Jeff Barney, the company's veep and GM for all things PC in North America, says the new button will appear on every keyboard the company sells.

PCWorld reports that “the key will sit in the upper left area, near the function keys.”

A quick glance at the many keyboards in Vulture Souths eyrie suggests that this means the ESC key is in peril.

Kids these days probably don't know what the ESC key is for and may not lament its departure. The rest of us? Suffice to say that you'll prise my ESC key out from under my cold, dead, left pinkie.

Toshiba's motive seems to be putting Cortana front and centre in its new machines, so that users can more easily access its better-than-Siri search functions. That Toshiba feels the need to do so also hints that perhaps Windows 10 isn't doing a great job of making Cortana attentive by itself. ®

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