EU legal eagles to vote on lonely pirate Reda's copyright report

Yarr! There's 550 amendments seeking to water down me beauty, says MEP

The legal affairs committee of the European Parliament will vote today on Pirate Party MEP Julia Reda’s controversial copyright report.

The report is not legislatively binding, but will contribute to the debate surrounding forthcoming copyright reforms. A new draft law is expected to be proposed by Digi Commissioner Gunther "H-dot" Oettinger by September.

Reda’s report looks at the current functioning of the so-called Infosoc Directive from 2001. The report has received more than 550 amendments – a staggering amount for an own-initiative evaluation report.

According to Reda, most of those amendments are seeking to weaken her position. It is probably not surprising that other MEPs don’t agree with a Pirate position on copyright, but Reda has even been criticised within her own party for not going far enough.

After today’s vote, the report will be put to a vote of the whole EU parliament in July. ®

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