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Plan Bs, from corrupted data to pandemics

Business Continuity

Finally, we have business continuity — the ability of an organisation to continue to operate in any eventuality. Often, business continuity is used interchangeably with DR, but that is inaccurate – much like the correlation between redundancy and high availability – all disaster recovery events are business continuity events, but not all business continuity events are disasters.

If you had a complete system failure at the primary site and needed to fail over to the secondary that would be both a business continuity event and a disaster recovery one. The scope of business continuity is wider than that, however.

If there was a transportation issue that prevented some of your staff from getting to the office, then switching to your disaster recovery site wouldn’t help, but a full business continuity solution that offers remote access solutions (such as Citrix or VPN access) to all your staff might just save your business.

Office building burned to the ground? Then an agreement to rent desks from a business continuity centre and arrangements to bus your staff over to the temporary site, in addition to your remote access solutions, might just save your bacon.

Serious pandemic that results in curfews, martial law and the total inability for any of your staff to leave their homes for risk of exposure and death?

You’ve got a plan for that – it’s covered under your business continuity solution – everybody get back to work! Although, perhaps you need to reassess your priorities a little. ®


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