AdBlock aims to send filthy malverts on one-way LSD trip

Sysadmins unlikely to appreciate new large-scale deployment tool in current form

Enterprises will be able to stem the remaining revenue stream for online news outlets using a new wide network feature launched today for popular browser extension AdBlock Plus.

The extension modified under the ongoing AdBlock Plus for Administrators project will make it easier to deploy across technology device fleets by suppressing the first run page which allows users to select the forms of online advertisements they wish to block.

This would make ad blocking consistent across an enterprise.

It is being touted as a way to save bandwidth and improve security by killing notoriously insecure advertising networks.

The company admits the Large Scale Deployments (LSD) installation process remains "tedious". Disabling the first run page will too require manual modification of extension policies.

The company says "... it is time-consuming and tedious to perform a manual installation on each device. Administrators can utilise various tools to automate the installations such as installer scripts or even configuration management software," adding that "We are currently working on the best solutions for large scale deployments however these are mostly dependent on the browser used."

AdBlock communications man Ben Williams says the project aims to make LSD a more enjoyable experience.

"These IT administrators who take care of substantial networks at universities, businesses or organisations often want to install Adblock Plus to cut down on distraction, save bandwidth and keep their networks safe from threats like 'malvertising', Williams says.

The feature can be found in version 1.9 of AdBlock of which Williams says the biggest improvement relates to performance boosts thanks to the tweaking of formerly shonky blocking filters.

It comes as Apple's iOS 9 shifts may hold promise or peril for AdBlock depending on whether the new native ad killing feature is an improvement to the way the software already works. ®

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