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Joyent and Umbongo union jilts VM at cloud altar

Naked metal performance love promised

Canonical has partnered with Joyent to spin up Ubuntu clouds minus the virtualisation.

The firms are today expected to announce a version of Ubuntu certified to run with Joyent’s Triton Elastic Container Infrastructure.

Triton, released this week, lets you run software built specifically for containers like Docker where Linux – not the server or a virtual machine – delivers the hosting and does so on bare metal.

The idea of Triton is you get to run elasticity of cloud and – theoretically – the portability of the container model, but minus the management overhead and barnacle on the bottom of the performance ship that can be virtualisation.

According to Canonical and Ubuntu, hardware-based VMs can’t match the filesystem and network I/O performance or workload density of Triton.

It achieves, this – so the companies claim, again – because Triton is able to tape the underlying server’s CPU and memory, without the VM getting in the way.

Joyent is pitching Triton as the place to run legacy apps and stateful services like databases as container-based apps or services that have yet to be virtualised.

With Ubuntu running apps like databases in the server room and with Ubuntu running a large number of clouds, Canonical will hope its Linux will be the place businesses decide to spin up their legacy apps once they decide to containerise. ®

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