Protecting users against advanced threats and the human factor

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Handy synopsis for you

As we reported in April, you build security, and the users muck it up. At a time when productivity growth in many businesses has ground to a halt, our white collar workers are managing to give 200 per cent in one area, at least: yes, in the last 12 months they have doubled their click rates on phishing emails!

And a special shout out to staff in sales, finance and procurement departments. They are really going the extra mile, clicking on links in malicious messages 50 to 80 per cent more often than the average. It’s just one example of how, when you try to build foolproof internet security, users can manage to break it in minutes.

Here's three ways to protect these hapless people from themselves:

1. Hide their keyboards

2. Force them to wear mittens at work


If you choose option 3, sign up for our latest how-to Regcast on June 18 at 11:00 BST, featuring Proofpoint (who did the phishing study above), Fujitsu and Freeform Dynamics. In three short sessions, they will tell you how to build security for humans. In part one, Tony and Dale from Freeform Dynamics will tell you how your users are exposing you to risk and costing money with their lack of security awareness. Watch it to confirm your worst fears.

In part two, Rob Lay from Fujitsu and Mike Smart from Proofpoint will talk us through real-world examples of vulnerabilities and how they are exploited, and the lessons for how you can build people-proof security.

In our final part we’ll guide you through state-of-the-art tips and tricks to detect and remediate human factor breaches. The good news: you can make measurable, immediate improvements to your internet security. If your hapless people give you a headache, we’re here to cure it.®

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