MS privacy policy website subverted to pimp gambling sites

Unseemly blog spam quickly purged by embarrassed Redmond staffers

Microsoft's privacy and surveillance policy micro-site has been hacked to promote gambling sites.

The Digital Constitution site – launched two years ago in the wake of the Edward Snowden leaks – offers a platform for Microsoft's stance on privacy issues and government surveillance.

But, earlier this week the site was modified to include keywords such as "casino", "blackjack", and "roulette", as well as links to casino-related websites.

Other content appears unaffected by changes to the site, consistent with so-called Black Hat SEO tactics. is running WordPress 4.0.5, a May version of the famously buggy and much-hacked blogging platform – the latest version is 4.2.2.

Microsoft's representatives declined to offer a comment on this story, although we're given to understand that the site has been cleaned up. ®

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