WikiLeaks slips out YET MORE Sony SECRETS

More than 275,000 docs available for the prurient, freedom-lovers and YOU

WikiLeaks has added more than 275,000 documents to its trove of data lifted from Sony Pictures Entertainment as a result of its infamous hack by “North Koreans”.

The leaky boat first published Sony's stuff in April, when it released 30,000 docs. At the time, it argued its actions were justified because Sony was “at the centre of a geo-political conflict” and is an influential voice in global copyright considerations.

Sony counter-argued that WikiLeaks was making North Korea look good and sent out legal letters telling world+dog that it was naughty to rummage through the purloined documents.

WikiLeaks revealed this dump with rather less fanfare – we got the tweet below and not much more – but has followed up with a pointer to one document alleging an incident of bribery.

El Reg expects a new wave of legal letters to the media any hour now, and that writers at certain outlets are conducing lots of searches on celebrities' names. Enjoy that coverage when it arrives.

For the record, we've searched the trove for “The Register” and can find nothing incriminating. ®

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