Not in front of the CIO: grassroots drive Linux container adoption

It's indifferent at the top

Here’s a thing. CIOs don't care about vast swathes of technology in their organisations. They have people to do that.

While they make speeches at fancy conferences about being agile / compliant / regulated / on top of the suppliers / skilling up the workers bees, those worker bees are handling the next Windows refresh.

Sometimes, technology can be adopted at a grassroots level without ever troubling the upper echelons. Linux containerisation may be a good example.

A survey of 381 IT decision makers and professionals commissioned by Red Hat, published on June 22, 2015, show that nearly all are planning container development on the Linux operating system.

However, upper management and CIO directives play limited roles in containerised application adoption in the enterprise, respondents say. Internal champions are the grassroots IT implementers (39 per cent) and middle managers (36 per cent).

The survey, conducted online by TechValidate, is of course self-selecting, but it is a useful snapshot of the perceived benefits and challenges of Linux containers, the rate of adoption and who is driving the adoption.

Here are the survey numbers for your perusal:

When, where, why

  • Production rollout in next two years? 67%
  • On top of virtual environments? 83%
  • Container-based apps in cloud roles? 50%
  • In Web and ecommerce apps? 56%
  • Benefits - faster app deployment? 60%
  • Benefits - Reduced application deployment? 60%
  • Benefits – server consolidation? 44%

We shall overcome - some day?

  • Security and a lack of certification/image provenance? 60%
  • Integration with existing development tools and processes? 58%
  • Management? 55%
  • Existing knowledge and skills? 54%


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