DEATH by VEGETABLES: Woman charged with killing boyf using carrots. And peas

Rounds off fatal assault with chicken soup de grâce

A woman in California allegedly killed her boyfriend using mixed veg, according to local news reports.

According to NBCLA, a local prosecutor states that Linda Clarene Jackson, 59, of Lake Los Angeles, allegedly attacked her 59-year-old boyfriend, David Ruiz, while he was in her house.

The local TV station reported further that the hapless Ruiz was struck in the head by "a can of peas, a can of carrots and a can of chicken broth" in the deadly attack.

Jackson is in custody with bail expected to be set at a high level. If convicted, she faces life in prison.


The episode serves to underline the fact that there are worse and more damaging things than spamming someone. ®

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