RBS sticks it to customers once again as IT woes continue

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RBS customers are continuing feel the fall-out from the bank's IT disaster last week which led to 600,000 customer transactions going missing, The Register can reveal.

While outstanding payments now appear to have been restored to users' accounts, some customers are reporting on-going issues when attempting to switch from RBS. The latest problems have been attributed to last week's IT issues.

One customer got in touch with us to report his company is unable to change accounts because 'switch' requests raised between banks aren't being processed and can't be cancelled.

Any new attempt to initiate a switch is automatically cancelled due to a clash with the original request, he said.

He said: "When I spoke to RBS, it confirmed nothing can be done until [our] original request is found and removed. RBS said it is still experiencing technical issues and its IT department is working through the backlog and hopes to get that resolved by Friday, 26 June."

He added: "It seems that the headlines have moved on but the story is still rumbling along at RBS."

An RBS spokesman said confirmed subsequent issues may be arising from last week's IT debacle. However, issues in relation to missing transactions have now been resolved, he said.

It comes as UK MPs are now threatening to haul the bank's chief exec in front of a select committee to account for the IT gaffe-prone outfit's latest troubles.

Andrew Tyrie MP, chairman of the Treasury select committee, has written to RBS CEO Ross McEwan following last week's problems.

Last week the bank said its latest issues were entirely unrelated to the 2012 mega IT cock-up which resulted in a £56m fine from the regulator.

The RBS spokesman told El Reg: "We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience and distress that this has caused our customers. If any customers are still experiencing issues please contact our call centres or come into a branch where are our staff are ready to help."

"We will continue our work to make sure that no customer will be left out of pocket as a result of this issue," the spokesman added.®

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