Dell lobs more irons into the hyperconverged market fire

More Xeon in less space

Dell's fired its next hyperconverged gun, announcing the PowerEdge C6320 - which it says targets big data and heavy workload applications.

Based on Intel Xeon E5-2600 v3 processors, the C6320 offers up to 18 cores per socket – or 144 cores per 2 rack unit chassis. There's support for 512GB of DDR4 memory and as much as 72TB of local storage.

Cramming four independent server nodes into the 2U chassis means Dell can claim more than double the muscle of its predecessor: 999 gigaflops on the LinPack benchmark (versus 498 Gflops for the C6220), a 45 per cent improvement on the SPECint_rate benchmark compared to the C6620, and 28 per cent better power performance (SPEC_Power).

With the hyperconverged market surging – IDC reckons the segment will more than double 2014 to pass US$800m – Dell clearly wants to expand its footprint in the space.

For those that need GPUs, the company's designed the C6320 to pair up with the GPU-heavy C4130, which boasts 7.2 Tflops on a 1U server.

One of its early adopters, the University of California's San Diego Supercomputer Center, is rolling out 1,940 of the beasts with more than 46,000 cores.

The canned announcement is here. ®

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