Raising a stink in court: Innocent poo banditry warehousers win $2.2m

Employer DNA demand evidently not the dung thing

An Atlanta jury has wiped away the troubles of two warehouse workers who had been accused of devious defecation.

The men were awarded restitution after their employer demanded they submit DNA samples, with the employer apparently believing that one of them had already done so.

The employer, Atlas Logistics Group Retail Services, had become irate with the cheek of whomever had been dirtying the warehouse with their droppings, and demanded two particular suspects submit to DNA tests, so the guilty party could be determined.

However, in doing so, the employer was acting in breach of a Congressional law which prohibits employers from discriminating against people with genes that increase their risks for costly diseases — the request for a sample was a violation of the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act.

The employer obtained a cheek swabs for DNA analysis. The Register believes the cheek swab refers to a swab of the epithelial cells inside of the mouth, and not a swab of the bottom.

The New York Times has reported that the men were awarded over $2.2m in restitution for the violation of their rights. ®

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