Wake up, sheeple! If you ask Siri about 9/11 it will rat you out to the police!

Also, shill scientists refuse to research whether jet fuel can melt steel beams

The Illuminati have revealed themselves once again, this time through their "intelligent personal assistant" Siri, which immediately reports device owners to the police when they ask about 9/11.

CBCnews reports that 114 budding truthers were redirected to the police over a two hour period on Sunday morning.

Police believe the calls, which were quickly hung-up, were the result of a viral message circulating on social media which encouraged people to ask Siri about 9/11 – which is phonetically identical to the emergency telephone number in North America.

Rather than providing them with information about whether jet fuel can melt steel beams, Siri dials the number and sends the speakers through to an emergency communications officer.

Emergency services cannot ignore a call just because it has been hung up, however, and will return the calls to investigate whether a real emergency is happening.

The process of re-establishing contact can require several attempts and can tie up resources that could be used to help people in genuine need, say the rozzers.

"The messages on Twitter, Facebook and other social media prompt people with a teaser like, "Say 9/11 into Siri and you'll be amazed" or "When you say 9/11 to Siri, her response is hilarious"," says a police press release.

The Regina Police Service is asking people to be aware of the consequences of understanding this latest fad.

"We are fortunate, so far, that there haven’t been real 9-1-1 emergencies where help has been delayed," they announce, adding the tin-foil baiting: "Please, choose to be a good citizen and DON’T ask Siri about 9/11." ®

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