Australia leads Asia Pac in mobile broadband speeds

But only at the peak, our average mobe download is only so-so

The most recent Akamai State of the Internet report has found Australia has the fastest mobile download speeds in the Asia Pacific region, peaking at an astonishing 149.3 Mbps.

A pity that the peak, which probably happened because someone was standing next to a brand-new base station and was the only user handy, didn't reflect what users really get.

The average connection speed in Australia, however, was 4.9 Mbps, trailing Japan, which logged 7.7 Mbps, and New Zealand, which experienced 7.0 Mbps.

On the upside, 98 per cent of Australia's mobile traffic rated at over 4 Mbps, alsoreport says a region-leading result, Akamai's .

Vietnam was the country in this region with the lowest overall scores. Its average connection speed was 1.3 Mbps, while its peak connection speed averaged at 22 Mbps, while only 0.4 per cent of traffic was connecting at an average above 4 Mbps.

Australia also had the highest mobile adoption rates, with an estimated 96 per cent of the population using mobile broadband.

The most common browser used to connect to mobile networks globally was Android, using either Android Webkit or Chrome, accounting for a total of 39 per cent of users globally. Apple came in at number two, with 35 per cent of global mobile broadband connections.

It's a different story on the fixed network, where Oz ranks a mere 42nd globally. Even with a 28 per cent improvement in the last year, Oz could only limp along with an average fixed download speed of 7.6 Mbps.

Singapore has the highest connection speeds in the region, and throughout the globe, with peak speeds of 98.5 Mbps. It closely lead Hong Kong, which came in at number two with a peak connection speed of 92.6 Mbps, and South Korea, at number three, with an overall peak connection speed of 79.0 Mbps. ®

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