Logicalis takes wrapping off shiny Brit-based SMC practice

Euro boss: I said we'll push into services, and by God we will

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Troubled Logicalis is, as expected, replicating a pure tech sales consultancy in Blighty to dish out professional services for customers that are looking to overhaul their IT estate.

The service management consultancy practice was established in the Netherlands several years back when the integrator acquired some European businesses from bust flush 2e2.

The unit provides service management as a utility via a package called IT Guardian, a set of processes and tools Logicalis reckons provides ‘integrated governance”.

“Customers have a lot of outsourcing decisions,” said Arnaud Spirlet, head of Europe and acting interim UK boss, “every customer is looking at IT transformation projects and we can help CIOs in professional services decisions”.

He said the Dutch SMC division had doubled in size, and in the UK it is working with HP to roll out some business process outsourcing services.

The Brit SMC team of six will be run by director Martyn Birchall, who plans to grow the unit to 25 heads by the end of the year.

“IT managers the world over face the same challenges; doing more with less budget, responding faster to business demand and dealing with increasing complexity in their IT infrastructure,” said Birchall.

Standardisation in IT service management is the answer, he added.

Logicalis is restructuring, has rationalised its vendor portfolio and is in the process of finding a UK MD to replace Mark Starkey, who left in March.

The big changes follow a tough year in which the integrator lost its long running PSN contract with the Welsh Assembly to BT. ®


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