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Blackhats using mystery Magento card stealers

eBay shop platform targeted

Sucuri infosec researcher Peter Gramantik says carders are exploiting an unknown vulnerability to steal billing information from e-commerce sites that use eBay's Magento platform.

Gramantik found an attack script that plunders POST data and identifies valuable payment data before storing it as an encrypted image file.

He says attackers appear to be exploiting a vulnerability in Magento core and demonstrate a strong understanding of the way the platform works.

A quarter of all Alexa top one million e-commerce sites are said to use Magento, making it a valuable target for attackers.

"It seems though that the attacker is exploiting a vulnerability in Magento core or some widely used module/extension," Gramantik says .

"Using this vector, the attacker is able to inject malicious code into the Magento core file … the attacker gets the content of every POST request.

"The sad part is that you won’t know it’s affecting you until it’s too late, in the worst cases it won’t become apparent until they appear on your bank statements."

Gramantik says the inclusion of a public key variable indicates the attacker is likely behind a family of credit card stealers.

The attack tool wipes trails clean and masks user agents in an attempt to avoid suspicion. It further modifies the creation timestamp of the image file in which billing information is stored and serves up a fake JPEG header.

"The attacker, however, is able to download the whole image file to decrypt the stolen contents ... and now they have all the billing information processed by the Magento e-commerce website," Gramantik says.

Variants have been found storing all POST data including login credentials to a gif image.

The security bod previously found a less surreptitious attack where billing information from the Magento billing module is exfiltrated over clear text. ®

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