PowerShell for Office 365 powers on

Web-based CLI is yours for the scripting

Microsoft has powered on PowerShell for Office 365.

Redmond promised the tool back at its Ignite conference, and on Tuesday decided all was ready to take it into production.

Anyone familiar with PowerShell probably won't be in the slightest bit shocked by the tool, which offers a command line interface with which one can initiate and automate all manner of actions. Redmond's created a script library to help you do things like add users, control licences or stop people from recording Skype meetings.

There's a few hoops through which to jump before you can start having that kind of fun: you'll need to import the modules corresponding to all the bits of Office 365 you want to administer, including the Microsoft Online Services Sign-in Assistant and the Azure Active Directory Module to handle the important matters of security and authentication. And of course you'll need a PC with permission to run scripts, or the willingness to create one. Office 365 administrator privileges are mandatory.

PowerShell is found in just about every Windows admin's toolbox, so bringing it to Office 365 looks like a very sensible decision by Microsoft as it keeps an important constituency happy. It should also make the cloudy suite easier to operate, therefore keeping costs low.

The fun starts at powershell.office.com. ®

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