Ganges Web Services to launch in 2016

AWS promises bit barn splashdown in India next year

Indian tributary to come online in 2016, but the source of the headwaters Amazon Web Services (AWS) has TEXT signalled it will open a “region” in India some time in 2016.

In AWS-speak, a “region” is a nation where it operates data centres.

AWS already operates edge services in India, but is yet to deploy its core compute and storage services there.

The cloudy company often chooses Equinix bit barns as it home away from home, but Equinix doesn't have facilities on the sub-continent. Nor has it signalled plans to do so.

The Reg imagines Equinix and will have to get there eventually: India's an obvious growth market, even if its developing infrastructure means it's not the easiest or cheapest place in the world in which to operate tricky things like data centres.

Those exigencies haven't stopped IBM or Microsoft, both of which have recently opened bit barns on the subcontinent. ®

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